Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game servers are shutting down

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game servers are shutting down

Niantic Studios has announced that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile augmented reality game servers will go offline in January 2022.

Pokemon Go game developer Niantic Studio recently announced that it will remove the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game from the App Store on December 6th, and that in-app purchases will no longer be available. Then the servers of this game will be shut down on the 11th of Bahman.

"We released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite more than two years ago and brought together a community of wizards from around the world in an epic quest to end the demon and keep the wizarding world safe," Niantic Studios said. We also brought. In the coming months, we will finish the story of this game and close the game on January 31st.

Not all games are going to last forever. Our goal in releasing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was to bring the magic of the wizarding world to life for millions of players as they left home and explored their neighborhoods. "We did it together and presented a two-year story that will be completed soon."

Closing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by Niantic may seem strange considering the popularity of this game. It is true that this game is not as popular as Pokemon Go and could not reach $ 5.5 billion worldwide like it. But the numbers for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite do not seem weak.

According to Sensor Tower, the game has been downloaded 20.3 million times worldwide since its release in 2019, earning $ 39.4 million from in-app purchases. The United States has the highest number of game downloads at 6.2 million. Britain is in second place and Germany is in third place.

The United States has the most in-house purchases with $ 24.5 million in revenue for builders, followed by Japan and the United Kingdom. In 2021 alone, the game was installed 741,000 times and earned $ 4.7 million. Players can wait for some interesting events to happen before the game final.

From today, the rewards of all daily challenges increase and all Potion Brew times with Master Notes are shortened. The daily limit for sending and unlocking gifts will be lifted, and Brain Elixir Barrufio potion now rewards the player 3 times XP. Portkey Portmanteaus of the 1920s appears more on the map and its Fragment Rewards are doubled. Spell Energy and Ingredients also appear more on the map.

In the coming months, players can also look forward to events like Lethal Adversaries. In November, the Dolores Umbridge Lethal Adversaries event, the Half-Blood Prince Brilliant event and the Lucius Malfoy Lethal Adversaries event will take place. In December, players can wait for enemy events focusing on Blatrix and Voldemort. There will also be a second Horcrux Hunt , a holiday event, and a two-part Deathly Hallows Brilliant event.

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