Capcom's Pragmata game development is going well

Capcom's Pragmata game development is going well

Capcom has announced in its latest performance report that the development stages of the sci-fi game Pragmata are progressing well.

Pragmata had a surprise unveiling at the PlayStation Shockis 2020 event. However, Capcom has not released more information and images of this mysterious sci-fi game for a long time, and this has caused some people to worry that the Japanese company has canceled the Pragmata project or, for example, its development process according to the previous plan. does not go. Now Capcom has just announced that it has no concerns about making Pergamum.

Capcom, in a comprehensive report on its performance in 2021, says that the process of making the Pragmata game is proceeding at a good speed and without any particular problems. They also say they have given young employees who have just been hired the opportunity to gain the experience and skills they need by working on the company big games and IPs, and that Pragmata is one of those games where younger people play a very important role. They have a lot to do with it.

In addition, Capcom points out an interesting point: "Young employees who have grown up in the digital age have their own sensibilities and insights, and when these insights are added to Pragmata, they make the game more attractive."

Pragmata was originally scheduled for release in 2022 on the PlayStation 5 , Xbox X Series , Xbox S Series and PC platforms. However, it was not until early 2021 that Capcom quietly delayed the release of this action-adventure game until 2023.

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